Conference notes: Craft Budsapest day 1

Today is first day of Craft in Budapest. Very hot day, same location as in previous years (Hungarian Railway History Park), and packed as usual. I’ll add some notes on the talks that I’m attending and update later with references. Keynote: Why the Fuss about Serverless by Simon Wardley Wardly constructs an argument pointing that […]

Some nice ones from React 2014 and Craft 2016

React 2014 : Erik Meijer – What does it mean to be Reactive? Great talk by Erik Meijer. Love his energy. Building Scalable Stateful Services” by Caitie McCaffrey Another one. This I watched in this year’s Craft in Budapest, here in its Strangeloop incarnation. Special attention to the reference to Highly Available Transactions: Virtues and […]